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Great Kids Learning Center

Great Kids Learning Center is an innovative afterschool learning program designed to help children develop the attitudes, character, and motivation necessary to succeed in school and in life.

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We have an outstanding staff of volunteers committed to nourishing the minds and spirits of children. Our volunteers instill a sense of worth and potential in students, encourage hands-on experiential learning, and ultimately contribute to students’ success.

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Our five well-aligned learning programs inspire students to enjoy learning, foster a growth mindset and encourage students to have respect for themselves and others.
Our program is a collaborative process, and we strive to foster continuity between our values and our students family values. Our outreach to families promotes goodwill as parents and grandparents participate in meaningful learning experiences. We encourage family input on surveys regarding our program practices and policies. We encourage family involvement by offering parent resources and hosting family-friendly events. Family celebrations include our annual Pirate Fest, Game Night at Embry-Riddle, Seabreeze Cheer Night, Holiday Show Event, and our Hero Fest. Our end of the year awards ceremony is celebrated at the beach.
Community support is important to our success, and we collaborate with local agencies and businesses to provide meaningful learning experiences. Community professionals promote the behaviors and habits that lead to success in an academic environment. During community leadership events, business leaders serve as role models and share habits of good citizenship with students.

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