Great Kids recently held its inaugural Hero Fest, honoring extraordinary people who made positive changes in the world. Students shared hero stories through biography monologues, artwork, dance and musical performances. Dressed in character costumes, students confidently portrayed their chosen historical heroes, including Rodrigo as George Washington; Logan as Ben Franklin; Autumn as Betsy Ross; Branson as Thomas Jefferson; Anastasia as Sacagawea; Jermila as Harriet Tubman; Javin as Frederick Douglass; Riley as Abraham Lincoln; Ema as Clara Barton; Skylar as Anne Sullivan; McKenzie as Susan B. Anthony; Lyndsey as Laura Ingalls Wilder; Zealand and Jacob as Wilbur & Orville Wright; James as Theodore Roosevelt; Donjay as Franklin Roosevelt; Isabelle as Eleanor Roosevelt; Elijah as John F. Kennedy; Robert as Martin Luther King; Aneela as Sandra Day O’Connor; Abi as Mother Teresa and Marcus as Nelson Mandela. Our Art Showcase featured artwork including George Washington Carver by Mathew; Dr. Charles Drew by Aiden; Ruby Bridges by Christianna; Helen Keller by Mikaeli; Rosa Parks by Marthena; Thomas Edison by Christopher; Davy Crockett by Kadin and Malala Yousafzai by Carli Phillips. Carolyn Muldowney and Zara Hassan choregraphed a dance performance to the song, “Try Everything” for our Ortona students. Great Kids Ambassadors and Narrators demonstrated their best lifeskills as hosts of the event and performances. Following the event, a reception for all of our families and community was held in the church lobby. Special thanks to our event sponsors for providing their time, talent, facilities and refreshments - First United Methodist Church, Junior League of Daytona Beach, Wells Fargo, Brad Yates, Jerry Orzel, DB Pickles, Buffalo Wild Wings, Moore Fine Foods, Sam’s Club, Crabby Chris and our Great Kids Board of Directors. We are especially grateful to our everyday heroes for investing in the well-being of our children – our volunteers, families, community partners and Volusia County Schools.

1 Eleanor Roosevelt Isabelle Wurtz 2
2 Harriet Tubman Jermila Pompey 2
3 Sacagawea Anastasia Morales 2


4 Nelson Mandela Marcus Bean 2
5 Theodore Roosevelt James Severino
6 Susan B Anthony McKenzie Manhart 2


7 Thomas Jefferson Branson Griffis 2
8 Clara Barton Ema Cadle 2
9 Wright Brothers Jacob Lloyd Zealand Echevarria


10 Abraham Lincoln Riley Baughman 2
11 Anne Sullivan skylar Wyatt 2
12 Sandra Day OConnor Aneela Bien Aime 2


13 Martin Luther King Jr. Robert Holmes 2
14 Mother Teresa Abi Fulghum 2
15 Ben Franklin Logan Branham 2


16 Frederick Douglass Javin Fernandez 2
17 George Washington Rodrigo Nunez 2
18 Franklin D Roosevelt Donjay Morgan 2


19 Laura Ingalls Wilder Lyndsey Branham 2
20 John F Kennedy Elijah Mott 2
21 Betsy Ross Autumn Davis 2


22 Try Everything 4 2
23 Try Everything 10 2
24 Try Everything 3 2


25 Finale 5 2
26 Finale 1 2
27 Finale 0


28 Narrator Delyla 2
29 Narrator Tabitha 2
30 Narrator Dempsey Manhart 2


31 Narrator Tyana 2
32 Narrator Zymirra 2
33 Narrator Adisyn 2


34 Narrator Natalie 2
35 Narrator Avi
36 Narrator Jose Fernandez


37 Narrator Rebekah
38 Every Praise 3
39 Every Praise 4


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